Case Study: What's Funny About 1431?

We helped charity - - to put energy-saving message at the heart of public with a witty and funny media strategy.



In a recession, charity and the environment are considered non-essentials.  Our client recognised this potential brick wall but also rightly stated that climate change did not take a break to let the economy get back on its feet.

They wanted to keep the issue of climate change high on the public agenda and maintain the levels of awareness and concern on a budget of only £30k.

A solution that would drive an exceptional ROI demanded an alternative approach to media planning. £1431 was calculated to be the amount of savings someone could make by making simple eco changes to their way of life.

The big idea

Putting the funny side into climate change.

In-video interactive unit was built to drive engagement with target audience

In-video interactive unit was built to drive engagement with target audience


Whilst £1431 was a decent sum of money, when put into the context of redundancy and repossessions, the amount could seem rather trivial.


Our research showed that despite the reality of adjusting to a more frugal way of life, the one thing that couldn’t be cut back was having a laugh and the desire to be entertained. This gave us a clear insight: the public had a resounding sense of humour about our fate.


The only way we’d get cut-through was to wrap our eco message in a humorous one. So we turned the £1431 into ‘1431’ a subject for comedic performances, challenging comedians to spread the message by giving the number 1431 meaning and relevance through comedy.

Winning video was featured at UK's major VoD platform

Winning video was featured at UK's major VoD platform


The campaign became the number 1 most viewed non-profit channel in the UK!

Website traffic grew by 400% over the period and 27% of people exposed to the performances visited the 1431 page to find out more about how to make the changes and start saving.

The campaign generated over £250k in PR exposure as the comedians called in favours and drummed up support for their videos.

In total over 205k comedic performances were viewed on YouTube and the campaign was covered and referenced in more than 400 sites across the web.

Award and Recognition

Shortlisted for Media Week Award 2010 – Media Idea Niche

Shortlisted for Revolution Award 2010

Awarded the PHD Pioneering Award in 2009

Small Money, Big Success! 

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