Case Study: Air China Global Media Partnership


Air China worked with Comms8 to create a world first native advertising campaign on CNN to engage with business travellers around the world.

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The brief

Despite Air China being one of the largest airlines in China, which carried 83 million domestic and international passengers in 2014, Air China was not the preferred brand amongst international travellers, and few knew what the brand stands for apart from its Chinese origin.

Air China wanted to make sure more business travellers would consider flying with it and to communicate both the breadth of its destinations and its premium services.

The Strategy

With an aim to engage with business travellers around the world in the designated cities, Air China worked with Comms8 to create a media first native advertising campaign on CNN as the exclusive sponsor of CNN’s bespoke brand new digital series  - ‘Expert’s Guide’.   The series consisted of 18 native articles, gave an insider’s view into the most dynamic destinations around the world providing a unique take on global destinations going beyond their distinctive buzz.

To support the native article provided by Air China, CNN’s internal production company, TCP, produced a native promotion box and bespoke Native Cards on CNNI driving traffic to the native article which informed users of Air China’s routes and its premium services.

The sponsorship was also supported by a high frequency display campaign on CNN International targeting Austria, Germany and USA, across business and travel sections that specifically resonate with Air China’s target audience.

Furthermore, this was accompanied by a social media campaign heavily promoting the Expert’s Guide content within CNN’s social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Result:

Overall, the Air China campaign generated an impressive volume of 10.5 millions of impressions in a 3-month period, and performed exceptionally well across all CNN Digital platforms achieving an average CTR of 0.22%, which outperformed the category average CTR of 0.17%. 

The Expert’s Guide received over 2m page views from 500K unique users, and successfully drove 19K traffic to the Air China landing page.

The multi-channel digital campaign included high impact skin takeovers on CNN’s Homepage and Travel section receiving an outstanding CTR of 0.21%, and delivered exceptionally high CTRs of 0.57% across mobile formats.

This campaign delivered an incredible added value of over £188K for Air China and successfully uplifted Air China’s brand awareness by 27%. 


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