We are honoured to announce that Comms8 worked closely with Warner Brothers to promote its comedy Crazy Rich Asians. Comms8 used its rich media and marketing resources to help Warner Brothers by mainly doing digital marketing on mainstream video platforms such as Iqiyi and Youku. Through accurate positioning, the Asian community residing in UK was our main target audience.

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After the movie was released, it became the highest box office comedy in North America within 9 years. Additionally, the main female actor's picture was featured on the cover of the American version Times magazine, coupled with the following sentence: “Crazy Rich Asians is going to change Hollywood. ”

Crazy Rich Asians

The film Crazy Rich Asians is adapted from the novel of the same name written by a Singapore-born Chinese writer Kevin Kwan. It tells the story of Singapore’s richest family heir, Nick Yang and how he brought his Chinese-American girlfriend Rachel Chow back to Singapore to attend his friend’s wedding. The core of the story is not complicated. Simply put, the "the bossy president falls in love with me" and "Cinderella meets her mother-in-law".

Crazy Rich Asians is a rare all-Asian cast film in Hollywood, packed with Chinese cultural symbols which created quite the stir before it was released. The novel part of the film is not only the all-Asian cast, but also the portrayal of the extravagant lifestyle found in the Singaporean upper-class. It also gives a vivid presentation of Singapore's cultural customs, scenery and delicacies.

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However, what the film conveys is a story of universal value and the discussion of family, as well as marriage and self-pursuit which are topics that resonate throughout the world. This journey to a foreign country also shows the confrontation between the old and the new, between Chinese and Western ideas, which makes it stand out the narrow pattern ofromantic comedy and inject deeper connotations into it.

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