Case Study: Comms8 took Hainan to the heart of European travellers

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The Brief:

Hainan is China’s premier tropical tourist destination brimming with luxury, history and culture, as well as a myriad of picture perfect beaches and a tropical climate all year round. The island is truly one of Asia’s hidden gems.

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Comms8 was tasked with driving followers and engagement to newly established @ThisIsHainanGov social media accounts representing the Hainan Provincial Government.

As the majority of the islands tourists are domestic travellers from across China, the @ThisIsHainanGov social media accounts primary objective was to raise awareness of Hainan as a holiday destination to tourists in Europe.

The Strategy:

 Comms8 positioned Hainan as a ‘hidden gem’ tourist destination in Asia. This was due to the lack of visibility of Hainan in Europe, and the island’s ability to cater to all types of travellers. Using four content category pillars (Luxurious Escapism, Seaside and Sunshine, Cultural Exploration, and Active Adventure), Comms8 aimed to convey the amazing aspects this hidden gem had to offer.

Comms8 implemented a two-pronged approach to achieve this objective. Firstly, Comms8 managed the @ThisIsHainanGov social media accounts. This included creating and posting 93 organic posts, including video to generate reach and relevancy amongst our audience in Europe. To further drive engagement and followers, Comms8 ran a competition which encouraged users to share and tag @ThisIsHainanGov in order to win flights to Hainan.

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We also implemented influencer activities that included influencer outreach, resulting in a variety of influencers posting about and engaging with the @ThisIsHainanGov accounts.

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More importantly, Comms8 planned and implemented a one week influencer trip with a total of 8 of the top travel influencers in Europe with a combined following of over 1.9 million. This ensured we extended our reach as much as possible within relevant travel focused audiences. The trip involved influencers from a range of different interests all connected to travel including food, fashion, photography, and luxury and a variety of activities from surfing and ziplining to traditional Chinese cooking classes.

Check out the trip wrap up video:

The Result:

The campaign was immediately considered a success, with Comms8 exceeding every target given by an average of 1077.2%.

Comms8 generated over 90 organic posts, secured 264 influencer posts (including posts from influencers not on the trip) and over 2 million organic impressions.

The campaign itself generated over 10,000 followers, over 180,000 engagements, and an impressive overall engagement rate of 7.9%.

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