Case Study: Comms8 Assisted in SECOO's global SEO & SEM



SECOO is Asia’s largest online integrated upscale products and services platform. After changing its website domain, SECOO aims to increase the online presence of the website to expand its Chinese market and raise its sign up rate for the website.


SEO: Comms8 optimised the user experience by decreasing the loading time and making the sign up button easy to find;  Comms8 also increased the ranking displayed in google organic search by polishing the elements of the website.

SEM: Comms8 increased the bidding for the similar spellings like “SECCO” to protect the brand and added biddings to specific key words like “Fashion” to drive the traffic.

Ads Display: Display SECOO’s Ads for its target audience on Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram to redirect the traffic.



Over the month of promotion, for the target audience, we accumulated over 3.47 million impressions across platforms, and, during the promotion, more than 80% traffic on SECOO’s website come from Comms8’s digital marketing campaign.

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Carol Chan | Managing Director


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