Comms8 '520' Chinese Valentine's Day post featured by Jing Daily

Jing Daily

Comms8 is pleased to have our post, How Brand Engaged Chinese Lovebirds on '520' Day, featured by Jing Daily.  Jing Daily is the leading digital publication on luxury consumer trends in China, providing readers with the latest news, analysis, features, and reports in the luxury market. 

Brief Introduction to China's '520' Day

'520' Day is a relatively young festival in China.  Due to the similarity of pronunciation between 'I Love You' and '520' in Chinese, it becomes another Chinese Valentine's Day.  Although '520' Day is not as influential as the official '214' Valentines Day, it is affecting more and more Chinese consumers that brands would not like to neglect.

Festival like '520' Day is a great opportunity when you want to raise customers' branding awareness. According to the latest data in 2018, the sales of products such as flowers, cosmetic products, and accessories have increased over 50% than usual on '520' Day.  Footfall to shopping malls rose by 30% with an average spending of £50, which is higher than that of the more traditional gifting festival such as Mothers Day.


Comms8's post, How Brand Engaged Chinese Lovebirds on '520' Day, has analysed in details how 3 brands in China involve customers with excellent campaigns.  Don't hesitate to click here for our blog and the news article featured in Jing Daily.

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