Case Study: Montblanc Influencer Campaign


The Brief 

A highly recognised luxury brand with a wide range of crafted products including writing instruments, watches, leather goods, fine jewellery, eyewear and perfume. Montblanc has more than 350 boutiques in more than 70 countries.

Montblanc wanted to establish a young but luxury brand image by engaging with Chinese influencers. They wanted to drive engagement to their social media platforms and website, as well as attracting younger Chinese generation to experience in-store service at their Flagship Store on New Bond Street, London.

The strategy 

Recruiting emerging influencers who were popular among younger Chinese generation to collaborate with Montblanc, influencers published posts and stories on their social media platforms to share their special moments with Montblanc.

Comms8 also arranged 2 exclusive in-store events for the influencers, where they could experience the premium quality of Montblanc products and the inspiration behind their design.  Calligrapher was invited to demonstrate with Montblanc pen to make the experience more comprehensive.

Montblanc pen

The Result

We have more than 100k organic reach over the 6-week campaign period with 2.63% CTR from IG Stories.  We delivered 155% of our target quantity of post and 500% of our target quantity of story and brought in over 1k new users to Montblanc’s website.