Greenhouse Thinking

The 10 most popular phrases to kill an idea:

Sticky wisdom

1) 'Yes, But...'

2) 'We've tried it before...'

3) 'That won't work because...'

4) 'Have you really thought about the implications...'

5) 'We don't have time for this right now...'

6) 'Put it down on paper...'

7) 'Exactly how much is this idea of yours worth?'

8) 'Please do a cost benefit analysis and then we'll talk about it...'

9) 'OK! I hear you but we've just invested millions in doing it another way...'

10) 'That's a fine theory, but it won't work like that...'


How many of the above do you use everyday? And how many times do you hear that from people around you? Perhaps it's time to pause whenever you are about to use one of these phrases, put aside your judgmental and analytic mind for one sec, stop turning discussion into debate, and let an idea blossom in a truly open minded environment.

Inspired by Sticky Wisdom