The Next Big Thing in China: Domestic Summer Resort Tourism




It is no surprise to see Chinese tourists everywhere, from Paris, Portugal to Peru.

But there is a new norm in China’s tourism industry.

Domestic summer resort tourism is set to take off swiftly over the next few years, as revealed by Chinese Tourism Academy and China Meteorological Administration in a new report. The report pointed out three key reasons:

  • China’s increasing affluence: Thanks to increased disposable income in China, a summer vacation is no longer an inaccessible luxury for a growing number of Chinese households. Chinese consumers now desire a better quality of life that includes both material goods and more diverse experiences.

  • Resorts in traditional summer destinations, such as Guiyang and Xining, have been trying to upgrade themselves to meet the increasing domestic demands. Chinese people no longer need to travel overseas to enjoy the resort-style holiday experience.

  • Gradual implementation of paid vacation leave and the government’s release of the “National Tourism and Leisure Outline 2003-2020” memo have led to parents being more willing to travel with their children. Family outings and summer vacations have become the main trips Chinese travelers undertake in recent years.

In truth, China is no longer just about the Great Wall, but is also about sun, sea, sand and shopping. It is rising as a summer resort destination for both domestic and international travellers. Notably, Hainan, China’s largest island, was designated as an “International Tourism Island” by the government in 2010, on par with popular tourist destinations like Thailand, Hawaii, and Australia.      

So why not spend your holidays in tropical China this summer – anyone?