Top 10 Facts About Global Travel

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Did you know that over a billion people travelled to another country in 2013? But where were they going and why? This BBC video (2 mins) examines the facts about global travel in a simple, straightforward and engaging way.

Top 10 facts about global travel:   

1.       The most popular region is Europe, drawing over half of the world’s tourism

2.       In 2013, France alone hosted 83m visitors, making it the world’s top best destination 

3.       52% of global travel is due to leisure, recreation and holidays; while 14% is for business trips

4.      In 2013, this massive industry generated estimated $1.4 tn exports or $3.8bn everyday across the globe

5.       The biggest spenders are Chinese, spending $129 bn around the world

6.       But largely, Chinese people stay fairly close to home. 91% of outbound trips are within Asia

7.       Bangkok was the most visited Asian city in 2013

8.       2014 marks the 100th year since the door of the commercial aviation opened 

9.       Over 3.1bn passengers took either international or domestic flights to date

10.   Took over 36.4m flights to carry us all


Which fact surprises you the most?