The Best 3 Marketing Campaigns for Chinese New Year in 2019


Alipay: “The Place I Call Home” (七里地), the most touching promotional video this new year

“The Place I Call Home”is a micro movie shot by Ann Hui, the famous Hong Kong director, as the promotional video for Alipay’s new year red pocket campaign - “fortune collection” (集五福).

Director Hui explained the concept of “fortune” (福) within a Chinese family across 3 generations, from 1947 to now. The meaning of fortune changes from time to time – from survival to chasing dream, then to reunion with family. This strikes a chord with the majority of Chinese, who normally work far away from home and feel homesick. That is why the video went viral soon after released.

Apart from the values of fortune in people’s heart, “fortune” is also the core of the “fortune collection” campaign ran by Alipay. Alipay cleverly weaved the two concepts together and used this video to promote their campaign. People can send the “fortune” to their family and friends through Alipay, and at the same time, the video encouraged them to go home and collect “fortune” from family in real life.

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Apple: “One Bucket” (一个桶), the most impressing way to deliver your message

“One Bucket” is Apple’s 2019 CNY promotion video directed by Chinese famous director Zhangke Jia. The plot of the story develops around an ordinary bucket, which contains the hometown special a mom prepared for his son. The video depicts the long journey of the son carrying the bucket from his hometown village to the city he lives in after CNY. At the end, the son uncovers the bucket and finds some home-produced eggs prepared by his mom. Each egg is marked with a date as a reminder for the son to have it.

The unexpecting thing about this video is that it was filmed just with an iPhone Xs. Apple impressed people with this blockbuster-class video, showing everybody how easy they could create movies with exceptional quality and texture using iPhone Xs. This message was spread widely with the aid of this touching story.

2019 Chinese New Year is a time with great harvest for marketers with many warm, exciting and genius campaigns. Today, Comms8 would like to pick the best 3 marketing campaigns during CNY 2019 to share with you. Let’s look into these fascinating ideas!

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Peppa Pig: “What is Peppa?” (啥是佩奇), the best British ambassador in China

“What is Peppa?”, the promotional video of the new Peppa Pig movie in China is definitely the winner of advertising during CNY. Once released, it has been shared across all social media platforms in China. Peppa Pig is one of the most famous and well-known cartoon characters among Chinese kids. On the phone, the kid told his grandfather he wanted Peppa Pig as the CNY gift, but the grandfather living in the rural village hasn’t heard of it at all and became so confused. The video narrates how the grandfather finds out what is Peppa and makes a metal Peppa Pig in the rural village with limited access to resources outside, just to make his grandson happy.

The promo video builds an emotional roller coaster with both laughter and tears, showing the pure love and concern from grandparents. Peppa Pig identified the gap between generations and expressed it in a heart-warming story. The video is not just about promoting Peppa Pig movie to kids, but also hits the heart of adult which is not meant to be the target audience of Peppa.

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By scanning the above 3 outstanding campaign in CNY, we can see that reunion and tie with family are still the key elements of content creation. However, instead of over-emphasising the traditional values of CNY in your campaign, highlighting one feature of your product/service and relating it to CNY would help you winning attention.

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