The World as 100 People

The world as 100 people

I like this infographic (click here to see the enlarged image). Simple, neat and thoughtful.

A few results jumped out at me from a communications perspective:

  • 75 people have cell phones, 25 do not. Mobile marketing at anytime, anywhere and any place is undeniably the future in both developed and developing countries.  

  • Still, only 30 people can access the Internet, 70 cannot. While there has been a growing focus on online marketing, conventional forms of communications such as face to face meetings are still critical to reach out to those 70 people who cannot access the Internet.

  • 60 people would be from Asia, 25 from Africa and 11 from Europe. When planning global communications campaigns, it becomes even more important for companies to be able to think globally and act locally, due to the vast differences in the culture and socio-economic developments in these continents.

  • 12 people would speak Chinese, the world’s most spoken language. Have a look at Transition brand's "Sorry my Chinese isn't good" (對不起我的中文不好) music video - a fun way to learn Chinese!