Mobile game for kid to play in car to keep parents driving safely

Think video game is bad for kids? Think again!

Summer holiday is the perfect time for family holiday and road trip.  Yet, riding in a car for 4 hours can be boring for the kids and stressful for the parents.  The Automobile Club of Romania and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) worked with Publicis Romania to create "Mr. Bear Driver," a mobile game for children to beat the boredom, and more importantly, to tell their parents to drive safely.

How does it work?

The idea is simple - a mobile game that's linked to GPS tracking, monitoring the speed of the moving vehicle, and the player (i.e. the kid on the back seat) would lose points when the car (or the parents on the wheel) is over the speed limit.  Mr. Bear Driver tells kids when their parents are exceeding the speed limit, incentivizing them to ask them to slow down. 

If the driver doesn't comply, the child loses points! Tantrum time! 

A mobile game


Why do we like it?

This game empowers the children to actively participate in road safety.  They will be responsible for their parents’ behaviour when they are driving. By actively co-piloting the wheels, they learn from a young age that speeding is never a good thing.  

A perfect creative example to show that mobile game isn't always bad for kids (and parents). It can bring a unique O2O (Online To Offline) experience to your audience, and illustrate how an organisation can deliver their rather-boring message in an engaging and meaningful way.  

The game is available for free on Google Play and the App Store  Check it out!

A kid playing a tablet