How Coca-Cola win the heart of China market with its 'This is Gold' Campaign


The latest research from Gemba Group showing Coca-Cola and Samsung built the strongest brand recall amongst other Olympic parnters in China. 

Gemba Research

Coca-Cola localised its global 'That's Gold' campaign for the China market, instead of emphasising on winning the Gold medal, its message highlights the three stories around the top Chinese athletes - their trust from family, their respect towards the coach, and their friendship with teammates.  

Alongside TV activity, Coca-Cola partnered with internet giant Tencent and its social network Qzone, which has 588 million monthly active users. It has a feature similar to Facebook's "On This Day," which offers prompts about memories people have shared in the past. Coke is sponsoring the memories, turning them into Gold Moments.  Below are some creative running on Weibo and Qzone featuring some non-sport Gold moments. 

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