Korea Takes Extra Steps (Literately) to Bring Herself to You


Korea Tourism Organisation launched its latest marketing campaign in September called Korea Visits You!.  

The campaign featuring three short films showing how KTO bring Korea to people from different countries around the world, including the US, China and Thailand.

KTO invites an ordinary girl from China for a bespoke trip in Korea, which included a romantic BBQ dinner with her Korean idol - Lee Min-woo.  


KTO went all the way to Hollywood to bring TV presenter - Conan O'Brien, his old friend - Samuel the Octopus - from Seoul. The reunion was even featured on Conan's show - CONAN on TBS. (We recommend you watching the CONAN's version of the reunion as it's hilarious!) 


In Thailand, KTO surprised its fans with this hearty event for thanking her beautiful sketches of Korea.