The New 5Ps of PR

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Yesterday I went to “What does the C-Suite want from PR?” seminar organised by and Ebiquity.


There are a few insightful thoughts that I want to share with you all.


Sam Knowles, Director, Ebiquity, passionately talked about the new 4Ps of PR which I cannot agree more:

  1. Protection – reputation management during hard times

  2. Promotion – PR is integral to sales

  3. Performance – PR must contribute to business objectives

  4. Proof – data-driven evidence of impact


And I am tempted to add another P – Personality.


One of the increasingly critical PR functions is to help brand develop its own personality that will stand the test of time and cultural differences as it continues to expand globally. 


Without personality, brand cannot survive. Without personality, brand cannot connect with the heart of their clients or consumers. Without personality, brand cannot be remembered in this fast-evolving world. Personality is key. 


Another speaker, Kevin Murray, Chairman, Good Relations Group, talked about “Why PR must focus on inspiring leaders?”.


He introduced the concept of “Inspiration Gap” between leaders and employees. His recent research findings show that 1 in 5 employees say that their boss is “inspiring” and only 1 in 20 employees say that their boss is “truly inspiring”.


The subject of what makes an inspirational leader always fascinates me, as I also aspire to be an inspiration to my clients, colleagues and people around me. During my past 10 years of PR career, I have encountered a couple of truly inspirational leaders who all share a few common traits:

  1. Don’t be afraid to show their vulnerability – that is, I am not perfect and don’t have all the answers. I need you. They make you feel important.

  2. Always make time for everyone despite their most hectic schedules. They are always willing to stop and listen to your worries and offer their thoughts.

  3. Have a sense of humor despite all the stress and deadlines. They usually have a successful personal life besides a successful professional life. They ensure to spend quality time with their family and friends.



One obvious benefit of having an inspirational leader in a PR company or any company is that employees and clients are all inspired as a result and they want to stay with the company for long. These intangible assets are indeed far more important than tangible assets.