How Brand Partnerships can Boost Sales in China: Chivas Regal and the NBA


How Chivas Regal has restored its place in the Chinese market with the NBA

Chivas Regal poster

Sales of Chivas Regal in 2016 suffered double digital decline in China. However, last year Chivas Regal fought back with 2.4% increase sales over the first half of 17/18 financial year by partnering with NBA China.

Last September 1st, Chivas Regal and NBA China announced a multi-year marketing partnership at an official theme party held in Shanghai. Celtics legend Paul Pierce and Chinese actor Shawn attended the party, celebrating the partnership with more than 300 guests and media representatives.

Paul Pierce and Shawn

Throughout the year, Chivas Regal has rolled out campaigns in-store, through online sweepstakes, and viewing parties. In addition, Chivas Regal also partnered with Tencent, one of the largest Internet and technology companies, as well as the largest and most valuable social media company in China.

Through it’s partnership with NBA China, Chivas Regal successfully built a strong connection with its audience. For example, NBA fans who purchased any bottle of Chivas 700ml or above, had a chance to win a pair of tickets to see the NBA China Games 2017 in Shenzhen.

In addition, several Chivas Regal experiential stores were opened around two NBA games in Shenzhen and Shanghai in which the audience could have a real taste and better understanding of the brand. 

Chivas display

Besides offline campaigns, the cooperation with Tencent also played an important part in the success of Chivas Regal’s partnership with NBA China. With the support of Tencent, Chivas Regal has enjoyed sizeable engagement on broadcast and digital channels. More importantly, Chivas Regal got access to data which could be used to further retarget or drive more precision.

Generally speaking, Chivas Regal’s partnership with NBA China and Tencent is a successful example of how a brand can run localized marketing efforts across the globe.

Source: The Drum, The Herald, The Drinks Business