The Art of Anglo-Chinese Insight


United Kingdom and China


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Thank you Sam Knowles, a founder of Insight Agents, for your kind words indeed.

Yesterday my colleague Carol and I met this insightful man, Sam Knowles, who helps companies to build better brand stories. Three of us were passionately exchanging different thoughts on brand communications.


Inspired by his blog, I thought it's worth further sharing the three core ingredients of building a successful brand:

  • Active understanding is king – taking an evidence-based approach to building more impactful communication, to unlock the infinite possibilities of brands. This should always be the very first step of any corporate strategy before any planning and execution, whether the company is a start-up or a global company and regardless of its location.

  • Bespoke. One size doesn't fit all. There are fundamental Anglo-Chinese differences in communications, e.g. how bad news-favoured in the UK vs good news-favoured in China. We simply cannot copy and paste the Western way of communications in the Far East/China, and vice versa. In fact, the differences are only getting wider and more complex with all kinds of emerging digital and social media platforms in today's and future's world. For example, see how SEO in China is vastly different from the mainstream Google-based SEO.

  • Tell stories, be single-minded. A brand is a promise. People don’t have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands. Brands can do this by telling compelling stories in a simple, memorable way. Don’t talk about the science itself, but the people behind the science, as Sam rightly pointed out. People remember people, not numbers.