WeChat Launches Brand Zone- A New Opportunity for Chinese Market


WeChat's BrandZone is a change that fundamentally changes the way the platform works.

Content on WeChat has traditionally been restricted to sharers' friends and official account followers. This has long restricted the viral potential of content on the platform.

Wechat Marketing

However, in December, WeChat discreetly launched its new feature Brand Zone. This allows brands to publicise their official WeChat accounts, boutique stores, and personalised content through a simple search to WeChat users that don't necessarily follow their account.

Wechat Marketing

Brand Zone is a strong signal that the platform is aiming even higher than its already impressive milestones. It aims to tie together aspects of digital marketing, e-commerce, and mobile payment. 

Already, many luxury brands have jumped on board including Gucci, Cartier, Michael Kors, others. A number of other brands (mostly luxury) are waiting to gain access to the new Brand Zone- so it's definitely something to keep your eyes on! 

Sources: Jing Daily, Momentum Group