What’s the biggest fear for a brand owner?

Map of a marketing campaign


Investing in a marketing campaign that fails to see the growth in sales?

Barbie, the 59-year old doll maker revamped its brand with a strong push on digital content strategy in 2015.  It did a great job in driving awareness and media coverage, resulting in a significant increase in media coverage, app usage and its YouTube video views nearly doubled. However, its global sales dropped by 14%.

While, Barbie has poured many resources into raising its brand awareness, it has failed to pay attention to other aspects of the customer decision-making process i.e. the purchasing funnel.

At Comms8, marketing is no longer viewed as a linear process integrating the Paid, Owned, and Earned channels.  

From building brand awareness, all the way through driving payment, we recognise that businesses must focus on all aspects of this process, including the transaction.

Consider the Chinese luxury goods market. Only 7% of sales occur through official online brand channels.  Mobile payment interfaces play a strategic role in connecting the offline and online world.

With the advancement in mobile payment solutions, brands can drive and track customers from marketing activities to the actual point of purchase, both in-store and online.  Last year, consumers in China spent £4.12 trillion through mobile wallets. Through platforms like Alipay and WeChat Pay, marketers can target their prospective customers through big data retargeting and location-based services, offering them higher quality after-sales service. They can continue engaging these customers in the discovery journey with loyalty schemes and new product suggestions based on their purchasing history, which is all, embedded in one mobile wallet app.

As a strategic partner to China’s largest mobile payment provider, Comms8 allows you to take your marketing and e-commerce strategies to the next level.

By incorporating marketing, advertising, and PR in every step of the purchasing funnel, we fully integrate the vertical and horizontal aspects of the customer journey, offering you multi-dimensional marketing strategies tailored to your brand.

We are here to fuel your brand to reach infinite potential beyond borders. This is what we do – and we do it expertly.