Tourism Campaign of the Week: True York City


This week in Tourism Campaign of the Week, we'll be checking out a campaign that was launched last year and is still ongoing. So definitely one to keep your eyes on!

True York City


True York City is an on-going campaign launched at the back end of 2017. Currently, the campaign consists of international out of home advertising, as well as a dedicated site and a push on social media with the hashtag #TrueYorkCity.

NYC & Company (NYC’s official destination marketing organisation), not only points visitors to iconic ‘New York’ experiences- but also promotes the less well known dimensions of NYC.


Currently, the True York City hashtag is been moving slowly. However, with the outdoor aspect of this campaign pointing to the website, it’s safe to assume that the website serves a base for this campaign.

True York City

It hosts listicles, aesthetic photo albums, videos- that all aim to showcase the ‘real New York City’.

Everyone knows the big things to do in NYC- Central Park, the Empire State Building, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, and so on.

Most visitors don’t travel too far from Manhattan, and when they do, it’s probably Williamsburg.

True York City makes travellers aware of the ‘hidden gems’ the city has to offer- stuff that only the locals know, ultimately inviting the traveller themselves to live like a local.

A woman with a shopping bag

A recent Peak + Skift report names ‘experiential travel’ as a global systemic trend in worldwide tourism. It’s typically meant to convey a “more immersive, local, authentic and/or active travel”. This is indeed true, with a poll stating that over a third of travellers explicitly want to “travel like a local” when abroad.

And with the globally familiar pop culture that is inherently attached to the Big Apple, NYC is the perfect destination to promote living like a local.

Who hasn’t wanted to sit for a coffee here at some point in their lives?

A coffee shop

What To Take Away:

Currently, the True York City campaign seems promising. The angle seems like it could encapsulate those already familiar with the city.

We also have more variations of content to look forward to including a borough series video, visual art from a selection of NYC personalities, and user generated content from New Yorkers themselves.

We at Comms8 think the angle is perfect for such a well-known. Yet, one thing that could improve is the social media. It is still early days so we’ll reserve judgment for the moment.

It is important to note however, for a campaign that wants to promote local experiences, a social media presence through local influencers, and everyday New Yorkers themselves would amplify the local aspect of this campaign hugely. With locals wanting to show off their own hidden gems, the social media presence of this campaign could sky rocket.

For now though however, we’ll give it a 3.5/5- we’ll keep our eye peeled!